High Intensity Functional Training

  •  HIFT is a variety of functional movements, performed at high-intensity [relative to an individual’s ability], and designed to improve parameters of general physical fitness (e.g., cardiovascular endurance, strength, body composition, fat loss, flexibility, etc.) and performance (e.g., agility, speed, power, strength, etc.).
  • HIFT emphasizes functional, multi-joint movements via both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises. HIFT can be modified to any fitness level and elicits greater muscle recruitment than repetitive aerobic exercises, thereby improving cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Recently, several investigators have examined the effects HIFT-based programs after multiple weeks of training and have shown significant improvements in maximal oxygen consumption (~12%)  decreases in body fat (~8%) as well as improvements in bone mineral content after 16-weeks of HIFT.

  • Energy expenditure (EE) averaged 605 ± 219 kcal per 72 ± 10 min session. Weekly EE was 2723 ± 986 kcal, which induced clinically meaningful weight loss in overweight/obese populations.


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